Love-Based Business Models

A Simple System for Building a Business You Love

If you’re an entrepreneur, and you’ve ever felt like you have to build (or run) your business in a certain, specific way, you may have encountered frustration, exhaustion, and stress …

But creating and sustaining a thriving, profitable company doesn’t have to be a process filled with heartache.

You CAN build a business that makes money, makes a difference, AND is uniquely your own …

… one that allows you to shine as YOU, to serve in the way you’re wired to serve, so you love what you do and your customers love working with you!


By taking a love-based approach to building your business.

When you do, you make sound business decisions that lead to success and feel good to you. And you don’t spend your resources doing things that drain you (personally or financially), or that won’t sell.

Your business is more valuable, impactful, and sustainable. You and your business thrive.

In this book, Business Coach Shawn Driscoll teaches you the philosophy and the foundational principles behind creating business models that fit with and support your life, priorities, interests, demands, strengths, and weaknesses.

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or you’re just starting out, you’ll discover practical tips and strategies for identifying and building a business around your unique strengths and your mission, using a model that maximizes your impact and supports everything that’s important to you.

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